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Take the guess work out of measuring the return of your customer investments

Return on Loyalty® is a powerful new way to accurately measure your customer investments and guide better decision making. You will be able to answer:

  • What is the most robust way to measure ROI?
  • How effective are the current investments in customer marketing?
  • Is my loyalty program working in its own right?
  • How does it compare to competitors?
  • What is the impact in the wider market?

Powerful Data

Trusted data sharing framework and platform to exchange data in a secure and governed environment 


Meaningful Insights

Proven analytical techniques to attribute loyalty ROI  – delivered within an easy-to-use interface


Actionable Results

Expert consulting to interpret insights with actionable recommendations



Unbiased perspective by separating program analysis from operations



Tried and tested techniques and IP using Customer Science®



Combined 50+ projects across 40+ years in strategy and loyalty

3 modules for different measurement challenges

ROL® Market View ROL® Benefits Validation ROL® 360

  • Receive a detailed picture of your share of wallet in your category - where and how much your customers are spending, including in-depth customer analysis and profiling
  • Ideal for businesses who don’t have robust customer data, but still want to understand their customers’ behaviour and market share to inform better decisions

  • Scientific measurement and validation of ROI, capturing impact on new customer acquisition, frequency, basket size and retention
  • Best for businesses with current investments in retention and loyalty programs, who want to measure the effectiveness and impact of marketing investment

  • Get the big picture with scientific measurement and validation of program and initiative ROI, with share of wallet and detailed customer analysis
  • Great for businesses operating a program and/or marketing retention initiative who are interested in both an internal (own data) and external (market data) perspective

Return on Loyalty ® can be tailored to your measurement challenge

Your Partner in Customer Science®

Ellipsis specialise in Customer Experience Management and Loyalty. We help our clients become customer centric, because we believe getting this right is crucial to creating value. We use a combination of consulting and best-in-class technology to deliver an exceptional end-to-end service.


In partnership with Data Republic

Ellipsis’ partnership with Data Republic enables secure data collaboration between businesses – this data collaboration unlocks new and unique insights to help businesses better understand their customers. 

Data Republic provides a trust framework and platform for companies to exchange data in a secure and governed environment.

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